More Accurate Nightstalker Rengar [EDIT! Read desc

More Accurate Nightstalker Rengar [EDIT! Read desc

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[Edit2]: Added screencap of the second skin variant.

[Edit]: I forgot something; Added an additional rar file with slightly darker leather parts, and I re-painted his kneepad to look more like the artwork. Not entirely amazing, but it passes in-game. I forgot to take a screencap though, will do that tomorrow and add that as well.

I really didn't like the way this skin looked in-game when I bought it... It just looked so...derpy.

So this is my shot at making it more accurate to the splash art; his face looks like a fierce cat now, and not that...weird blue attack gremlin, the tassels are more frayed, he's darker, added some detail to the leather, made the steel bits darker. I tried to make the hood better, I really did, but ffs, the pixel ratio on the thing is so low, ugh! Generally the ratio of details seem way too good on the face and way too low on most other parts, but either way, it looks decent enough up close, and more stealthy and huntery zoomed out.

It also works for his ultimate, just didn't bother with a SS of that, can barely see it anyway.

Took longer than it should, but I hope you like it anyway!

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